Wicked Local Reporter Gets Duped By GoFundMe Campaign, Shamed By Turtleboy Sports

It's hard to defend journalists against accusations of "fake news" and "liberal bias" when they pull stunts like this.


…and, presumably, unemployment in the not-so-distant future.

The truncated version of the story is this: Wicked Local Maynard reporter Holly Camero wrote a story about a local resident who claimed he was arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement and used a GoFundMe page set up to help legal bills as her only source. Her story actually included this line:

Marlone Carnielli, of Maynard, was arrested by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement on Dec. 14, according to Eliot Prisby, a Maynard resident and organizer of Maynard Welcomes You. According to information posted on the GoFundMe page…

In other words, young Holly didn’t bother to call ICE or Maynard Police to confirm any of the information. In reailty, he was arrested by Maynard Police on unrelated charges and ICE picked up at the courthouse.

She also, according to Turtleboy Sports (which outed her in a lengthy post), included four links to the GoFundMe page. Camero updated her story after Maynard Police issued a press release clarifying what happened, but the story as posted doesn’t contain any note clarifying that the earlier version was riddled with inaccuracies.

You should know by now I love journalists. But it gets really hard to defend them against accusations of “fake news” and “liberal bias” when they pull stunts like this.

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