Aidan Timothy Kearney
Aidan Timothy Kearney (left) of Turtleboy Sports.
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If you don’t know what Turtleboy Sports is, good for you, and you probably don’t care about who runs Turtleboy Sports. You can probably stop reading here.

Otherwise, you probably found this page because you want to know who is behind the semi-anonymous blog that has developed a rabid following of conservative readers that like its semi-literate posts that skewer people best described as white trash by taking screenshots of their social media posts. At its worst, Turtleboy Sports is hate speech, or at least it is according to Facebook. At its best, its providing a check on the traditional, mainstream media in Massachusetts.

But who runs it?

Meet Aidan Kearney, the son of a former Worcester school committee member who started TBS as a Barstool Sports ripoff but then found he got more page views when he dished local Worcester political gossip and, later, trashed people who were already down on their luck (a typical tactic is to “expose” someone who starts a GoFundMe page for help paying bills). Aidan spends a lot of time denying he’s the author of most of what TBS posts, saying he only focuses on marketing the blog.

Okay. We’ll give him that. But he is the sole officer listed with the Massachusetts Secretary of State for Turtleboy Enterprises LLS and Worcester Digital Marketing LLC, the two companies tied to the Website.

Here’s what we can tell you about Aidan:

  • Aidan is 36 and lives at 111 Mason Road in Jefferson, MA with his 36-year-old wife Julianne Kearney.
  • Want to give the Kearneys  a call? Here are their phone numbers: (413) 262-6909, (508) 752-1462 and (508) 791-0808.
  • On November 7, 2009 Aidan received a ticket in St. Joseph County, Ind. for failure to use a seatbelt. Otherwise, he is a very good boy with no other criminal record we can uncover.
  • He used to be a history teacher at Shepherd Hill Regional High School in Dudley. He got mostly rave reviews from students on But then there was that unfortunate incident in Buffalo. It also didn’t help that he referred to his students and their parents as “savages.”



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