WEEI Ousts Tim Neverett From Red Sox Broadcast Booth


Well, what did WEEI expect? They paired a play-by-play guy with a play-by-play guy which is the buddy movie equivalent of having two straight men but no comedic foil.

But it was good to see that Neverett didn’t pull punches with what amounted to his exit interview in a piece by the Boston Globe’s Chad Finn. He told Finn the Red Sox wanted him to stay but WEEI told him to start looking for a new job in June.

Now WEEI is hinting it may be open to trying the idea of running the booth like a sports talk radio show. Which is great in theory but remember who actually listens to baseball on the radio: diehard baseball fans that want to hear baseball, not morning show yucks.

Why does it seem like WEEI is on the path of making a string of bad decisions that everyone except for the station’s management sees as a bad idea from the get go?

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