Two Takeaways From Kirk Minihane’s Turtleboy Sports Podcast

Kirk Minihane proves once again that if you kiss his ass, he will kiss it back twice as hard.


Kirk Minihane’s decline into irrelevenace continues, as he interviewed Aidan Kearney of Turtleboy Sports on his “Enough About Me” podcast this week and no one has said ‘boo’ about it. In fact, it’s possible I am the only one who actually listened. So here are two takeaways:

  • As much as you may hate Turtleboy Sports, it’s probably good that it exists. At the very least, it keeps Kearney — who gave a downright retarded Rosa Park analogy at the top of the interview — out of the classroom. But then again, we already knew he was kind of a dope given his awful written grammar and those allegations that he’s a creep.
  • Minihane only gave Kearney a gentle push about his hypocrisy (setting up a GoFundMe when much of his blog is simply scouring GoFundMe pages for people asking for money they should be earning, afflicting the afflicted instead of afflicting the comfortable, etc). He mostly boasted that he and Kearney were the only two people in the market asking tough questions, once again proving if you kiss Minihane’s ass, he will kiss it back just as hard.
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