Turtleboy Sports Doesn’t Let Facts Get In The Way Of Its Boston Globe Hit Piece

I love a good Boston Globe bashing, but only when its fair and warranted.


Regular readers know I love to bash the Boston Globe, but you have to be fair when you do it. And the post Turtleboy Sports just dropped accusing the newspaper of manufacturing an anti-Trump narrative in its coverage of vandalism is anything but fair. And it also shows once again how illiterate the people running a hate blog under the guise of being champions of free speech are.

If you don’t have the 30 minutes to wait for Turtleboy’s ad-laden post to load, the Cliff notes version is that Aidan Kearney and crew believe the Globe made up its account that one of the pieces of graffiti read “This is MAGA country” and other complacent news media in greater Boston ran with the fact. Turtleboy’s proof? The “This is MAGA country” line was not mentioned in the police report.

A couple of problems with this line of logic:

  1. The original Globe story never mentions MAGA.
  2. A version of the story by the Globe’s boston.com does mention MAGA, but attributes that piece of reporting to the Fall River-based Herald News.

The Herald News has several photos of the defaced gravestones, but not one showing the MAGA message. The story does not make clear whether reporter Amanda Burke visited the cemetery and saw the graffiti for herself, or if she was relying on a secondhand account from police or another source (I’ve sent an email to Burke asking her to clarify and will update this post if I hear back from her).

Aidan and the TBS gang, however, have never been one to let facts or context get in the way of a good piece of agenda setting. “So there was anti-semitic [sic] vandalism – ‘oy vey, ethnic cleaning, Jew bastard, kike, swastikas’ – that sort of thing. But there was no ‘This is MAGA country.’ The Boston Globe literally just made that up and everyone else ran with it,” Aidan writes under his SJW Hunter persona.

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