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These are the media headlines for Monday, November 26, 2018. Mayor Curley prioritizes local news in this roundup and hits national stories with local interest.

Congress In Lawrence: Most Boston-based media outlets will be sending reporters to Lawrence for the Congressional hearing on the Merrimack Valley gas explosions. There will be a lot of air-time and breaking news updates on the event, but based on a quick skim of the testimony that has already been posted, not a lot of actual news will break.

Facebook Flap: Boston Police Commissioner William G. Gross and the ACLU are in a war of words, with the city’s top cop blasting the organization on Facebook. The ACLU says he’s trying to divert attention from their public records lawsuit (Boston Herald)

The Herald also scoops the Globe on reporting about unsealed court documents that show the surviving Boston marathon bomber has 50 channels of TV programming while awaiting execution.

As The Globe Turns: The Globe widely pimped the return column of Yvonne Abraham, who has been dealing with a concussion since July. It made much less of a big deal — in fact, no deal — that Kevin Cullen returned to writing his column on Thanksgiving after serving out his three-month suspension and two-month demotion to general assignment reported for making shit up.

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