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You can tell a lot from a Twitter bio.

For example, I’m amazed at how many Boston journalists feel the need to use it for a disclaimer on opinions being their own and retweets not being endorsements). I’m convinced few Boston journalists and on-air personalities have run a marathon without adding it to their Twitter bio moments after finishing. And I’m relieved there are so many pompous douche bags working in Boston media, as its good fodder for this blog.

I just spent an hour looking through the bios of Boston-area journalists, anchors and media-types. Here are nine that were particular douche-chilling.

  1. Joe Haggerty, Bruins beat writer for NBC Sports Boston: “I want people to see me walk down the street and say ‘there goes Joe Haggerty, the best sportswriter there ever was’.” This is the one that prompted me to compile this list. Because every time I see it I say “What a fucking douche….”
  2. Jeff Howe, Patriots beat writer for the Athletic: “Follow me. You’ll feel better about yourself.” I can’t tell if Jeff is being self-deprecating or saying my life is so miserable that it will be improved by reading his stale Patritos takes.
  3. Dale Arnold, demoted WEEI afternoon host: “…Only person to do pbp for all 5 Boston teams…” Not only is Dale bragging about his unique superlative, but he’s bragging that he knows the Revolution count as a Boston team.
  4. Globe columnist Alex Beam: “Early Twitter non-adopter, journalist, author and so on.” Almost as pretentious as his columns.
  5. Should-Be-Disgraced Globe columnist Kevin Cullen: “I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am, let’s face it.” Instead you made shit up….
  6. Joel Brown, staff writer at Bostonia and BU Today: “I am thankful for the Parkland kids, the blue wave, the lawyers representing immigrant kids, the free press and Mueller.”
  7. WCVB’s Josh Brogadi: “Sports/news anchor/reporter @wcvb | play by play broadcaster | actor/model @nemgmodeltalent | audiobook narrator VoiceOver artist | RT ≠ endorsements” Emphasis added; I would have kept him off the list/had more respect for him if he just said “I’m better looking than you.”
  8. Jackie Bruno, NBC 10: “Entertainment & Lifestyle Reporter @NBCBoston & @NECN for #TheScene, Miss MA USA 08, Boston U. Alum, @Patriots fan, Mom to Jack, James, & Buddy” Emphasis added; I would have kept her off the list/had more respect for her if she just said “I’m better looking than you.”
  9. Stephanie Ebbert, Boston Globe reporter: “Telling the truth in a post-truth age.”

Honorable Mention — Anyone who puts awards and, even worse, award nominations in their bio: Malini Basu Crystal Haynes of Fox 25, ex-Globie Angela Nelson, Globe sports columnist Dan Shaughnessy, former Globe art critic Sebastian Smee, Alysha Palumbo and Latoyia Edwards of NBC 10, and, presumably, dozens of others.

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