Minihane Out At WEEI

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…well, maybe. We’re a new site so please forgive me for resorting to some shameless clickbait. But this tweet from the talented half of the Kirk and Callahan show on WEEI does not bode well for people hoping he would be back soon:

Minihane has maintained he presented the doctor’s note WEEI was requiring for him to return to work on October 12 but still has not been allowed to take up his spot behind the mic. On Thursday he tweeted he had been asked to remove a tweet by WEEI management and that he was looking forward to his meeting on Friday.

Minihane is credited with moving WEEI to the number one slot in AM drive and effectively getting John Dennis to quit. In August he returned and spoke candidly about being hospitalized after a bout with suicidal thoughts. He then left, saying his return to work had been too soon.

While the show was referring still referring to itself as Kirk & Callahan Friday morning, there has been a noticeable decline in references to the absent (former?) co-host in recent weeks.


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