Bob Murchinson
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Bob Murchison is a real estate developer, former Fidelity Investments portfolio manage and a resident of Sherborn. He’s also the person who may have put enough pressure on WEEI to dismantle its top-rated Kirk & Callahan radio show. For months the two co-hosts have been making reference to a person who put pressure on the stations and its advertisers after the hosts discussed a story about a transgender five-year-old.

Other sites have carefully documented the role Murchinson has played in using his millions to pressure WEEI, so I won’t get into it here.

On Saturday, Kirk Minihane, who is being hidden by the station’s owner on its app going forward, suggested Murchison may have worked with Globe interim editorial page editor Shirley Leung to bring an end to the show:

I wrote about Shirley Leung on Friday. I should clearly state I have a problem when people who rely on free speech protection for their livelihood use those free speech rights to stifle the same rights of other people.

As for Murchison, he’s clearly done well for himself. His primary business, Fenix Partners, is a business consulting firm, but state business records show he has also been involved in a number of real estate development deals. His home at 177 Lake Street in Sherborn has more than 8,200 square feet of space and is valued at $4.8 million, according to Zillow. He’s a native of Hawaii and a 1982 Yale graduate.

You can listen to Leung duck a question about her relationship to Murchisnon at about 1:19:00 of this interview:

Minihane is offering to donate $2,500 to a charity of Leung’s choice if she debates him. Would love to see it, and would love to see her answer questions about Murchinson’s role in her “work,” but I don’t see it happening, and I don’t have $2,500 to add to the pot.

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