John Dennis Says Gerry Callahan Is A “Backstabber”

John Dennis
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It’s hard to believe nearly a week after it dropped, no one has picked up comments John Dennis made about his former WEEI co-host Gerry Callahan on the Mikey Adams podcast. Which doesn’t bode well for Mikey Adams, as it suggests that no one is listening, but this particular episode was worth a listen. Dennis was forced off the program by Kirk Minihane after a mostly-successful run during AM-drive.

It’s clear there’s no love lost between Dennis and Minihane (who Adams also hates), but he mostly stayed above the fray during the interview even as Adams tried to pull him in. Dennis said he “understood” what Minihane was trying to accomplish when he took over the show (as an aside, am I the only one who finds Minihane’s Barstool show unlistenable? Inside jokes only work when you have an established audience, but more on that another time).

Dennis claims WEEI tried to fire Callahan while he was fighting throat cancer in 2007. In his version to Adams, he said station management approached him about not renewing Callahan’s contract and bringing in someone new. The money saved would have been added to Dennis’s contract. Dennis claims he told WEEI to either resign them both or let them both go.

Fast forward to 2015, when Dennis was “fighting for his life” in alcohol rehab. Callahan was approached with a similar offer in Dennis’s account, but declined to set an ultimatum or stick up for Dennis. As far as Dennis is concerned, Callahan hitched his wagon to Minihane and is a “backstabber.”

And yet, Callahan remains the only one of the three still working in the AM-drive Boston radio market. Maybe not for long, but no one ever got too far in commercial talk radio by being nice or by doing the right thing.

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