Boston Globe Reporter Stephanie Ebbert.
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There is a lot in today’s Boston Globe that will infuriate readers that depend on their local daily newspaper to provide facts. It could be a long Presidential election cycle if shit life this keeps up:

  • First up, Stephanie Ebbert writes about young women who are newly-elected to the state legislature being mistaken for legislative aides. The implication from the story (On Beacon Hill, newly elected women mistaken for legislative aides. Repeatedly.) is that the people doing this are racists and chauvinist. But Ebbert never asks the representatives to reveal who the people that made those assumptions were so she can confirm the story. She uses three legislators to ground her thesis (two Asian-American woman and one Dominican man). She relies on a quote from an aide to the Dominican man, and the two women all but say its because they are newly elected and youthful looking. “I get it. I look much younger than I am,” [Rep. Tram] Nguyen said. “Everyone keeps telling me I will love it some day. But it has been a struggle to establish my authority.”
  • While Nestor Ramos is an opinion columnist, his use of the facts contradicts the same set of facts and how they are used in a front-page story in today’s paper. “Because Trump remains overwhelmingly popular with Republicans, Schultz can count on the votes of Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, and like three dudes who used to work at the Weekly Standard, probably,” Ramos writes in his column reminding how bad it would be if Howard Schultz ran as an independent candidate. Yet in a front page story that implies it would probably be an okay thing if former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld ran, so long as he ran as a Republican, Michael Levenson writes a Weld run is “intriguing establishment Republicans eager to see a mainstream alternative to the president.” So which is it guys? Do Republicans love Trump or hate Trump?
  • It’s interesting that Levenson’s Weld story runs write under the daily Elizabeth Warren story by Liz Goodwin and Jess Bidgood on today’s front page. That story is working the thesis that Warren is positioning herself as the billionaire slayer. But the implication is clear: if Weld enters the race and siphons off votes from Trump, its okay. But is Schulz enters the race and siphons off votes a Democratic nominee, we have a big problem.

The media’s reaction to Schulz has been interesting, which is another way of saying downright horrifying. I have no idea whether or not he would make a good president because there has been no real coverage of what he stands for. All of the stories have focused on how he’d disrupt the horse race. But it also shows that journalists have bought more into a two-party system than the idea of Democracy, where anyone is supposed to be able to run.

I’ve said it before, but it needs repeating here. I do not really care about politics. But I care deeply about journalism and the kind of journalism the Globe is pushing in its political coverage is reaching new lows. That gives more fodder to people who want to shout “fake news” every time they disagree with something.

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