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Boston Globe readers were questioning yet another Spotlight team story on Friday’s front page about Aaron Hernandez. As one poster on the Facebook group for Globe subscribers noted, “there certainly are many more pressing issues to focus on than a washed-up, drug-abusing, suicidal murderer who played football. Of course we can all learn from what Hernandez did and lived through, but the little I’ve been able read of the series comes frighteningly close to hagiography. Enough, please.”

The poster noted that the gas explosions in the Merrimack Valley, the State Police scandal and other current issues were likely better topics for the team to tackle. Spotlight editor Patricia Wen quickly jumped into the discussion to defend her team’s choice of topics.

“I hear you on all this, and I promise you Spotlight resources are going into many other topics as well,” Wen responded. “I do feel that the Hernandez story – as it unspooled in our backyard – had previously been covered in its riveting true-crime detail, but his CTE diagnosis took it to a different level. As did further information about the role of college football and pro football – Football Inc. – in turning a blind eye to a troubled man spinning out of control.”

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