Globe Ignores Latest Warren/DNA Scoop By Times

The Boston Globe shouldn't be in the business of hiding information about elected officials from their constituents.


The Boston Globe regularly publishes stories from the New York Times, and usually on the day that they appear in the Times. So it’s perplexing that this article about Elizabeth Warren — which appeared on the front page of today’s print edition of the Times — was no where to be found in the Globe.

(Equally perplexing is why the Globe is expanding its Washington bureau for the second-time in a year but still relies on the Times for breaking D.C. news while primarily using its reporters in the Beltway as stenographers. But that’s another topic for another day).

Listen, your Mayor isn’t pro-Trump and anti-Warren or vice versa. I’m pro journalism. And decisions like this make journalists look bad, like the Globe is somehow giving Warren cover from the readers most likely to be her constituents.

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