Globe Cuts Comics, Pisses Off Readers

Plus, a public admission by an audience engagement editor that the paper is penny pinching.


The Boston Globe used the slow news week to cut a bunch of features from its comics page and, presumably, was hoping readers would not notice. Among the cuts were Jumble, as well as long-running comic strips like Adam At Home, Zippy, Rose is a Rose, Mother Goose and Bizzaro (a complete list is one the Globe’s customer service site, but I didn’t notice anything in the print editions).

“We have discontinued several strips and two games that our reader survey identified as least popular. The Sunday comics will remain unchanged,” the Globe said in its Christmas Eve non-gift to readers. “We appreciate that this is unwelcome news to some of our readers and for that, we apologize. Please know that we have made these decisions after considerable thought and research.”

If the Globe was hoping readers wouldn’t notice. They were wrong. Audience Engagement Editor Curt Woodward returned to work Thursday to find a “logjam of messages” about the shift.

“The Globe is still working to find a sustainable financial path that ensures we’re around and producing quality journalism for the long haul,” he wrote on the Globe’s Facebook group for subscribers. “You are the most important part of that and we can’t do anything without our subscribers.”

Yikes….a public admission of penny pinching. That seems to contradict something else that hasn’t been in the Globe: Dan Kennedy’s email exchange with owner John Henry about the paper’s finances.

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