Ex-Globie Goes After Current Globie Leung

Hell hath not fury like a Hilary scorned.

Hilary Sargent
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Hilary Sargent — yes,Β that Hilary Sargent — took to Twitter to rip Globe columnist Shirley Leung Friday afternoon. Leung had a column in Friday’s editions that was takedown journalism at its worst:

The Leung column was bad, to say the least. Beyond the fact that she ignored the facts that detracted from her argument, her argument was convoluted and all over the place. It reminded me of when couples get in those ugly arguments that couples tend to get into, and they just start lashing out with every pent-up resentment they’ve been holding back.

“You never empty the dishwasher!”

“Well, you never take out the trash!”

“Oh, yeah, well you’re theΒ sports radio station that has become synonymous with racist and sexist banter! And your parent company has an all-male board!”

This is the interim op/ed page editor and the former business editor of the Globe. This is the cream that has almost risen to the top of the Globe hierarchy. Yet rather than try to provide some context — like her colleague Chad Finn did — she deliberately tried to mislead her readers.

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