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A day after an estimated 1.5 million people poured into Boston for the Patriots parade, the Boston Globe’s Chad Finn attributed the lower-than-usual television ratings for the Super Bowl to “Patriots fatigue.” Finn made his comments on Richard Deitsch’s sports media podcast Wednesday and even the host — who is known for blowing a lot of smoke up his guests’ asses — was taken aback.

“You really think it’s Patriots fatigue? I think people love watching a dynasty,” Deitsch said. It’s important to note that they were talking about the national television audience, but Finn should know that the low-scoring game had way more to do with the low ratings than anything else. Other factors, which Finn mentioned, included the low hometown support for the Rams. And there was also great weather in much of the country, meaning people were more likely to head out to bars and Super Bowl parties to watch the game.

The Globe’s efforts to downplay the enthusiasm for a sixth Patriots Super Bowl win has been well documented over the past three weeks. And its hard to ignore the fact that the paper’s owner, John Henry, is also part of the ownership group of the Red Sox, which people just don’t love as much as the Patriots in these parts.

Finn, to his credit, is usually a level-headed sports media reporter and he did only mention Patriots fatigue as one of many factors. But it’s hard to ignore his comments and show that it’s probably but of the confirmation bias that seems to be prevalent in the Globe’s coverage of the enthusiasm for the team.

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