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Maybe, like the rest of us, the Boston Globe’s Chad Finn has found WEEI’s morning show un-listenable since the departure of Kirk Minihane. If he had, he would have heard them clearly lay out a more concrete vision of what baseball broadcasts on WEEI could sound like next season. In his reporting this week, Finn has likened the proposed format as a morning talk show, which was first thrown out as an idea by Minihane when he was still on the show and still hating on the current, old-school way of broadcasting Red Sox games.

But earlier this week the morning show likened it to the three-person booth ESPN uses and, in fact, that WEEI has used on occasion. Add in more interviews with WEEI beat writers who already stop by for an inning here and there, and you have something closer to what WEEI already does and further away from the yuk-ever-pitch vision Finn seemed to be fixated on.

Finn either didn’t hear that segment on Mut & Callahan or chose to ignore it, because he doubled down on his baseball-broadcast-as-talk-show theory in today’s column. Finn used a job posting on Sportscasters Talent Agency of America as his source, even though that post was corrected yesterday.

Note the time of Zarbano’s tweet. Note that Finn’s column appeared mostly unchanged in today’s print editions. The Red Sox have said they don’t expect a format change and WEEI issued statements beyond Zarbano’s tweets saying the same thing.

It’s too bad. I like Finn and I think most of the time he does what a columnist is supposed to do: use his voice to put the news into context. But here he simply ignored the facts and joined the Shirley Leung/Kevin Cullen club of abusing readers’ trust.

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