Busting The Boston Globe’s Union


I’ll leave debates on the place of unions in journalism for other people; you can make a case that they are vital in newspapers where the value of the product transcends the value it ends to a company’s bottom line. But you can also make the case that they added to the bloat that has dragged newspapers down.

John Henry seems to prefer the bloated view of unions, as hisĀ Boston Globe has hired a law firm known for union-busting.

I only mention it today because of the memo (predictably) leaked to Dan Kennedy from the union last week. For a union representing people who make their living by writing, its over-use of dreadful adjectives comes off as moronic (emphasis added):

During negotiations for a new contract with the Guild, the company has presented a ridiculous and draconian proposal that would strip away essential protections and provisions in the contract like overtime, seniority, pay scales, job descriptions, severance as well as limit the time and scope of issues members can grieve and arbitrate, and more. The paltry offer of 2 percent raises, an increase to 401k and paid parental leave (by reducing sick time for everyone) is frankly insulting. We are offended by their offer and we know many of you are too.

Grow-the-fuck-up. You sound like a student writing a professor to complain about a clearly-stated late work submission policy.

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