Breaking News? Or Broken Morning Routine?

Is covering a broken traffic light the best use of a resources for a local newspaper?


From the “news is what happens to journalists and their families” school of assignment editing, we get a breaking news alert from the Lawrence Eagle-Tribune about a broken traffic light in North Andover. Not exactly on par in terms of urgency with the gas explosions the paper covered so deftly, but then you read the story and see that the light is at the intersection of Routes 114 and Routes 133 — not even a block from the Eagle Trib’s offices.

My guess is some editor had their morning routine ruined and decided it was prudent to make sure everyone else knew there was traffic building up on two secondary roads. Considering the morning newsletter with headlines I get from the Trib is full of AP stories, maybe I should consider this an improvement in how the paper is dedicating resources to local news coverage.

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