Boston Globe’s Dugan Arnett Commits Journalism (Again)

Another bad look for Boston's newspaper of record.


My enemy’s friend is my friend, so I will reluctantly give Turtleboy Sports a hat tip for exposing the Boston Globe’s Dugan Arnett and what he think constitutes reporting. (You will recall my previous problem with Dugan, as well as my qualms with Turtleboy).

Turtleboy’s recent post exposes Dugan’s use of Twitter and Facebook to go shopping for quotes to fit the thesis of whatever story he has been assigned. Most recently it was a rehash of his story from two years ago that ran this week and declared no one in Boston really cares about another Patriot’s Super Bowl.

Hey, I’m all for social media to supplement reporting. But it seems to be Dugan’s only trick:

It’s been his reporting technique of choice for a wide range of stories, including the pressure to work out on Thanksgiving and the move of the Pawtucket Red Sox to Worcester. It’s pretty clear he’s using some auto-text program, because every tweet is “funny” (even when they’re not) and his questions are usually “super random.”

It gets worse. The post goes on to explain how Dugan and Nestor Ramos have used a guy named Andrew Kubitschek for quotes on a wide range of topics.

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