Boston Globe Cuts Ties With Advertising Executive


Boston Globe V.P. of Advertising Michael Bentley is now the ex-Boston Globe V.P. of Advertising. The paper isn’t saying much, other than he was fired for his inability to “create a safe, welcoming, and comfortable working environment for all employees.”

“This is a responsibility we take very seriously,” a company spokesman said. “When we learned that one of our executives did not hold himself to this standard, we reacted quickly.”

Bentley’s name was removed from the masthead this week and his LinkedIn page has been updated to reflect the change in employment. Bentley is 45 and lives in Scituate and had just been promoted to his new position last year.

“I apologize and sincerely regret that I did not uphold the standards which are expected of employees at the Boston Globe. Additionally, I respect and support the Boston Globe for creating a workplace environment that takes its culture seriously,” Bentley said.

Update: The Boston Business Journal has a few additional details worth mentioning:

Sources familiar with the internal workings of the paper, however, said that the paper took action after an incident at the company’s holiday party.

The departure comes after a year in which the Globe has seen multiple allegations of inappropriate behavior of male employees toward women. On May 20, a former editor, Hilary Sargent tweeted out a screenshot of a text message she said was sent by Editor Brian McGrory, whom she had dated in the past. McGrory denied her claims of sexual harassment, and the Globe recruited outside investigators to look into the allegations. The company announced in July that the investigation had found no evidence of wrongdoing on the part of McGrory.

The McGrory allegations themselves came a few months after the Globe published a story about sexual harassment incidents involving one of its own reporters, Jim O’Sullivan, who had been “pressured into resigning” after misconduct accusations were made against him. The paper did not at first name the reporter, but McGrory later apologized and named him in a column in December 2017.


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