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The Boston Business Journal is reporting that the Boston Globe was targeted in two, unrelated age discrimination complaints in 2018, up from one in 2017.

  • A 63-year-old mailroom worker who started working at the paper when he was 16 was demoted after being subjected to “subjected to age-based comments in the workplace” from his supervisor, Ron Mansfield.
  • A 57-year-old visual journalist was transferred to the Express Desk but given an unclear role. He was given a written warning in August 2017 and fired in January 2018. He was replaced by a recent college graduate. That worker reached an unspecified settlement with the newspaper.

Suzie Herold of Herold Law Group PC, who is representing the mailroom worker, told BBJ her client “has witness support for the proposition that at least three other individuals were demoted (or) suffered an adverse action based upon age in the Taunton facility” and that she knows of “at least one other employee who has recently made an allegation of age discrimination coming out of the Globe’s Boston office.”

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