Bill Burr On SI’s Media Podcast

And, oh yeah, Jimmy Traina is fat.


Boston native and standup comic shows up on today’s episode of the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast. Worth a full listen but here are a few highlights:

  • On Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy: “Every column he writes, you’re seeing the PTSD [of a Boston sports fan who lived through the 1970s and 1980s]. The ball is always going through Buckner’s legs.”
  • On the change of the Boston Celtics’ fortunes as a result of NBA free agency: “So now it’s ‘Do you want to come to racist Boston, deal with the cold weather and bang fives and sixes, or go to racist L.A., have beautiful weather, and bang supermodels?”
  • On a Cleveland radio station’s decision to no longer play “Baby It’s Cold Outside:” “Why can’t you just do it? If you want to do that, just don’t play it. But why do you have to tell everyone about it?”
  • On the eventual demise of the New England Patriots: “I was a fan before they were good, and I’ll be a fan when they suck again.”
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