Another Globe Column Posing As A Holiday Feature

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Is the Boston Globe’s Beth Teitell a columnist now? That seems to be the only way to explain her first person, front-page account of her internal debate on whether or not to but a pre-cooked turkey.

Listen, I’m not a scrooge and understand the place of these holiday features in a slow news week. But like the Dugan Arnett Christmas caroling story I wrote about last week, this “trend” feature seems to be base solely on the author’s experience. Good writing takes personal experience and shows how it fits into the bigger picture. Teitell and Arnett take personal experience and just assume that it is reflective of the broader trend.

A statistic in the nut graf showing that the number of people buying pre-cooked birds and I’m not on here complaining about it. But Teitell doesn’t offer that and instead relies on threading some light reporting on the narrative of her own anguish. While first person reportage has a place and is better than the old-fashioned “this reporter” constructions, the Globe does not appear to have a clear-cut policy of when and how it should be used, which is likely to present problems at some point down the road.

Source Article: Am I poised to ruin Thanksgiving?

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