Aidan Kearney Says Racists On Turtleboy Sports Are Actually Social Justice Warriors

Turtleboy Sports made the claim with no backing In a self-righteous post bashing a rival.


Aidan Kearney, under one of several aliases he uses to write on his Turtleboy Sports blog, lies again. He’s claiming people who leave racist comments on his site are actually social justice warriors trying to make the site look bad.

“I’d prefer living in a world where people like this didn’t exist, but free speech is gonna free speech. The best thing you can do to shitty speech is combat it with superior speech. We have no shortage of racist trolls (many of who are actually SJWs attempting to make us look bad), like the one guy who blames everything on the Jews,” the blog proclaimed in its holier-than-thou post about Barstool Sports closing comments on its site.

You know, that Barstool Sports site Kearney was trying to rip off before he decided it would be easier just to fuel up the hate mongers that comment on his site.

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